Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Something unexpected....

I had to go to the doctor this morning. I had to have a breast exam. For those that don't know and those that do, just ignore, I exclusively pump to feed Brooke. I pump 4x a day and feel just like a dairy cow. This past Thursday night, I was doing my last pumping and I looked down and saw nothing but pure blood coming into the bottle on my right side. This side has given me issues from day one! I freaked out just a tiny bit. I have had this happen before but never to this extent. It was gross! However, my right breast had been hurting all day on Thursday and when I pumped that last time, it felt so much better and then I look down and see RED.....ugh!

Well, all day Friday and all day Saturday no blood in the milk when I pumped. I had to work this past weekend and I was pumping Saturday night and saw more blood. Pumped again a few hours later and saw more. Not cool... I went and talked with the ER doc and she recommended I go see my doctor, so that is what I did.

He did a breast exam and couldn't find anything. He called the breast center and spoke with a radiologist and they seemed to think everything was fine but I could have an ultrasound if it would give me peace of mind. I didn't schedule one.

My doctor seems to think that I may have a benign papilloma inside a milk duct that is causing the bleeding. He told me to keep a watch on it and if it should continuously happen to give him a call back and they would schedule me an ultrasound.

To be honest, I was a little scared because I know that if you have blood coming out that can be a sign of cancer. My doctor wanted to rule that out and he did!! I'm just going to keep an eye on things. If Brooke was nursing, I wouldn't have even known I was bleeding unless she spit it up. I haven't had anymore bleeding from that breast since 1am Sunday morning but I'm sure that it will happen again. At least now, I have an idea of what is causing it!