Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost 11 months...

Tomorrow, Brooke will be 11 months.  This has been the fastest 11 months of my life!!  Where has time gone.  I guess as I get older, time will continue to fly by way more quickly than I would like it to but I can't stop it.

I don't know all of her stats but I'm guessing she is weighing about 22 lbs.  She is wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers but we as soon as we finish the ones we have now, we'll be moving on to size 4.  She is an eating machine!!  She loves to eat and loves to feed herself.  We are trying to finish up all of the baby food.  She will still eat it but I can tell it's not her favorite.  We've started whole milk already and she loves it!!  I feel like transitioning solely to a sippy cup will be fairly easy.  She only takes two bottles a day now.  One in the day and one before bed.  She's only napping once a day mostly sometimes we can sneak in a second, depends on how busy the day has been.  She finally crawling on all fours.  She started doing that at 10 months and she has begun cruising around.  I feel like she'll be walking by the time she's one.  She is still sleeping well.  Thank the good Lord above, all of my children have been great sleepers!! Brooke still loves her pink blanket that her Mawmaw crocheted for her and still takes a paci although she's not obsessed with it.  She's saying of the consonant sounds and can say the words "clap, Mama, dada, caire(Claire), cat, lala(Lauren)."  She likes to point and make a high pitch noise.  She is so sweet all the time!!  Love, love, love her!!

That's pretty much it about sweet girl.  I'll have to post another time about my 10 year anniversary and our new addition, Charlie!