Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The class I despised the most going through school was math. I disliked it from the get go. For some reason, numbers just don't mesh well in my head. And word problems, oh my lord, I think I would rather get shot in the foot then to try and figure out a word problem. To this day, I still count with my fingers and need a calculator to do long division. Not a math person.

Lauren, I'm afraid, as developed my dislike for math as well. The past two afternoons she has come home with addition and subtraction facts and it is like pulling eye teeth to get this child to finish. Yesterday, there was nothing but tears and drama which ended up with her not being able to watch tv and going to bed early. Today, it was again, tears and drama, with her mouth being washed out with soap for being sassy and smart-mouthed (sorry for those who don't believe in that kind of punishment, I DO NOT TOLERATE sassiness at all!!!!) I am beginning to dread homework and I know its only going to get worse!!

I feel like I need to go back to elementary school just so I can learn math all over again and have more patience with her. Lauren is so tenderhearted and takes everything to heart. She just gets overwhelmed and feels like she can't do it and that is exactly how I was. I try so hard to not get frustrated with her but the constant whining and crying and DRAMA is hard to look past. (I know, its only going to get worse and I have 3 daughters!!)

Doing this little bit of math with her reaffirms my dislike for the subject, almost a hatred for it and I just wish that I could let someone else do that homework with her but since the hubs doesn't always get home at a timely manner, it falls on my shoulders. Today needs to be the last day I let my frustrations come out and I lose my patience. I need to be more compassionate with my girl and try to teach her.

I can't wait until we get into multiplication fact and fractions......;)