Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where Have You Been?

It's been almost 4 months since I last blogged. That is a long time. Everyday life has seemed to completely take over so I haven't really had the opportunity or yet even the time to blog.

This winter, if we can even call it that, was riddled with sickness here. I felt like I took Brooke to the doctor every week for a month starting the last week in January. We had a stomach bug, viral infections, croup, strep throat, the name it. I was so tired of my children being sick I just prayed for spring and now it's here!!!

Lauren and Claire are doing awesome. Lauren is doing really well in school. She is growing up way too fast and by that I mean, I'm not liking the 13 year old attitude that sometimes springs out of my 7 1/2 year old's mouth. We are currently working on that, please say a prayer for me:). Claire turned 5 in March and had two birthday parties this year, both of which were a smashing success. She was sooo ready to turn 5 and now she is ready to turn 9. For some reason she is just ready to grow up (much to her mother's chagrin.) We had the dreadful 5 year checkup as well, this one I had been dreading as much as she was. It went well, she didn't kick the nurse while she was administering her shots. However, there was a lot of screaming and crying. But, overall, it was good and she got a new outfit for her Hello Kitty and ice cream.

Brooke is growing by leaps and bounds. She turned 10 months on Tuesday and that child within the last couple of weeks has begun to pull up, talk and start cruising. Ugh, not ready for any of that!! Although, I will have to say she is not growing up quite as fast as her middle big sister. Claire was walking at 10 months. She is a precious baby always so sweet. She army crawls and is fast!! She is only taking 3 sometimes 2 bottles a day now, she prefers to eat real food. Girl can scarf down 4 chicken nuggets in a heartbeat. We have to buy 3 happy meals now instead of 2:). I'm so excited, only 4 more weeks of pumping and then we get to start whole milk!!! This cow is ready to stop!! I'm so proud of myself for hanging in there but pumping for this long has been a struggle. I'm so ready to not be attached to that pump!!!!!

We are busy right now with Easter activities at school and church. I'm working an extra day now and Mark is out of town A LOT. The Magic McCain's are hanging in there!!!