Thursday, April 28, 2011

All About the Magician's Wife

Since I'm new to the blogging world, let me tell you a little about myself. Nothing terribly exciting to share but, hey, I figure for the one person that may not know me personally, they may want to know about me. And just to warn you ahead of time, this post is a little long.

I have lived in the same town my entire life and have no desire to move away (unless it is to move to Hawaii, I LOVE Hawaii). My freshman year in college I lived in Greenville, NC and I HATED the entire year. I moved back home and attended a local university for 2 years and then my senior year I lived in Charlotte. That year was so tough for me, I didn't have time to hate Charlotte. Besides, it's only a hour away, not the two and half like Greenville. I'm just a homebody:)

I met my husband my senior year in high school at my first "real" party. He is a few years older than me but we still had some friends in common. That was New Year's Eve 1996 and we have been together ever since. It was love at first sight for me, I'd like to think it was the same for him:) We were married in 2002. He grew up in the same town and has lived here his entire life as well. We love our little town and don't think we could move away. Besides we wouldn't have the grandparents around to dump our children on (just teasing).

I am a medical technologist, or let me correct myself, medical laboratory scientist. My title has changed recently. In other words, I am the person that runs all of your lab work when you get blood drawn, pee or poop in a cup, have a culture taken, etc. All the gross stuff, which I absolutely love (don't love sputum, CAN'T STAND to work with sputum.) I knew I wanted to be a tech since high school when my favorite teacher taught us about gel electrophoresis. That was the best biology class ever!!! I worked at a local hospital for about 6 years before we decided to add to our family and I became a full time stay at home mom and a part time tech.

We had our eldest daughter in August of 2004. She is an absolute joy, the spitting image of her daddy, and all about the drama. Lauren loves to read, LOVES to watch TV (just like her daddy), and loves to dance. She wants to her to hair to grow as long as Rapunzel even though her hair is all the way to her waist. She has very long legs and is VERY tall for her age. She wears glasses and is so ready for contacts. She is very passionate about art, loves to draw, and always says, "Mama, I have to tell you something." She is a very compassionate girl and has a heart of gold. She loves her little sister and her blue puppy which she has had since she was about 6 months old. I love her!!!

Now, our second daughter was born in March of 2007. She was 9 days late and was beyond ready to come out of the womb. They didn't even have to put her in the incubator. She was like butterball turkey!! Claire looks just like me with light hair and blue eyes. She loves the number 18, everything happens in 18 minutes, 18 times, on Fursday the 18th. You get the gist of it. She loves her moo-moo but she constantly is losing her. She LOVES the Biebs and I mean LOVES the Biebs!! She loves to play with stuffed animals and on the puter (computer). She is in to brushing her hair, her doll's hair, your hair. She loves to be read to, do her "homework", and paint. She definitely is her mother's daughter. Doesn't take much for Claire to cry. She adores her older sister. Claire marches to the beat of her own drum and that is what makes her special. She loves to give shug and just is precious when she comes up and puts her little arms around your neck and says, "I love you." I love her!!!

We are currently pregnant with our third daughter which we have named Brooke Averie. Brooke was not a planned baby, like anything is really's all in God's timing:) She is due at the end of May right at the time of the older girls' dance recital. So far, everything has gone really well with this pregnancy. She is a very active little one and I fear that if she is anything outside the womb like she is on the inside, we are going to have our hands full!! We are all very excited about this precious baby. Claire thinks she is going to be born on Fursday, the 18th. (The 18th of May is on a Wednesday...hehehe.) Lauren just keeps saying that she is ready for Baby Brooke to get here. Believe me, this mama is ready for this little one to be here too!! I have about 4 and 1/2 weeks to go if and that is a big if, if she comes on time. My babies tend to stay in the womb for as long as they possibly can. I guess they love being inside their mommy!! Even though we weren't planning for this little one, Brooke is loved beyond words and we can't wait to meet her! (I secretly am hoping she'll look like me, meaning dark hair and brown eyes.)

When we decided to have a 2nd baby, I became a stay at home mom and I work every other weekend, night shift. I love my job, I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to work but just 48 days a year? Night shift is tough and working weekends is tough but it's only every other and it gives the hubby (who's name is Mark) a chance to have daddy duty. He does such an excellent job too!! I can't complain at all. This allows me to contribute to the household but still be at home to raise my kids. I love being a stay at home mom. It really is a dream come true!!

Let me tell you just a little about Mark. He works with dairy equipment. He builds dairy parlors and keeps them running. Lots of days he comes home smelling like cow shoo but as he tells me, that is the smell of money. He loves his job and I'm thankful for that!

I have such a wonderful family. I love my husband so much. My girls are the light of my life. I have a great job, and we are getting ready to add another precious little one to the mix. I love Jesus and was saved at 12 years old. I grew up Baptist but became a Quaker about 3 years ago. We love going to church. My girls are learning about Jesus and it makes my heart sing!! Speaking of singing, I absolutely love to sing. I'm very tenderhearted. Mark says that I cry when the sun comes up and I cry when the sun goes down. I love to eat which isn't a good thing. After this baby is born, I'm going on a major diet, stay tuned!!! I love to teach and do hair. My hairdresser says I'm a closet beautician. I love to CLOG!!! I just love life and I couldn't ask for better one. Well, maybe one where we have just a teensy bit more of money so we could have a bigger house. (We are busting at the seams!) Oh, and we just got a new puppy, Benny. He's a lab, great dane, german shepherd mix and is the sweetest puppy. The girls got him for Easter. Scruffie, the cat, doesn't care for him at all but she will get used to him. Benny just wants to play with her but she doesn't want to play with him. We've had Scruffie for about 5 years. She is a sweet kitty, too!!

This is just a little about me and my life. There is so much more but I'm sure that you will learn as this blog goes along. Hope I didn't bore anyone and if you already know me, you knew all this stuff already. Just needed to give you guys a little refresher...hehehe!! Thanks for letting me share a little of myself with you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to the Blogging world!

I have decided to join the blogging world. For the past year, I have been a faithful follower of a handful of blogs and have contemplated starting my own, well now I have:) This is not going to be the most intriguing of blogs or insightful, but I figure it will be a good way to have a diary, if you will, of the happenings of our lives here in the McCain household.

As for the name of my blog, The Magic McCain's, that comes from my eldest daughter. She says the McCain's are magic and I being married into the McCain's have finally won that "magic" status.

So for those who read this, I'm sorry if it's a bore but if you get a smile or a laugh when you read this, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do!!