Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting the hang of things....

Yesterday, my oldest daughter did something I have never done, she went to camp. She is old enough to go to camp. Where has the time gone? Anyways, she went to a Christian camp not far from where we live. We dropped her off yesterday morning and then I went and picked her up this morning. A full 24 hours. I don't think she missed us at all. Her bestie, Hannah, was there with her and some other friends from church so she wasn't alone. I asked Lauren about her activities and the most I got out of her was the fact they sang some songs and went swimming. As I type this, she is zonked out.....camp took a lot out of her.

Now, Claire cried the entire way home yesterday after dropping Lauren off. She wanted to stay at camp but she gets to go to the preschool program that starts next week. I know she is ready for that. It is nature based and she loves anything that has to do with going outside. She finally calmed down when I promised her I would take her swimming which we did and then she didn't even get in the water that much. She missed her big sister.

Brooke is doing so well and growing like a weed. I think we are going through a growth spurt. The newborn diapers aren't fitting that well anymore and we are slowly getting out of the newborn outfits (not that I had that many to begin with.) She is having more periods of wakefulness and the other night when she decided to stay awake from 2am to 4am, she was trying to talk and looking at her hand. I even got a smile or two from her. AND, she has started holding her head up on her own, she looks like a turtle:). She is too little to be doing that already. We are mainly bottle feeding her now. I still try to nurse but she just doesn't stay latched on long enough for the goods to start flowing and then she gets frustrated. I feel like a dairy cow, pumping at regular intervals. At least I know that she is still getting my milk. She just wakes up once a night, usually between 2 and 3 am and then wakes up at around 6-6:30am. For the past two mornings, Mark has fed her and let me go back to sleep (after I pump) and then she goes back to down. I can't complain one bit about this baby. She is so sweet and only cries when she is hungry. We are definitely blessed this third time around.

Lauren and Claire are still doing okay with her. Lauren is getting better and Claire just goes about her business as usual. I find that I can't always get things done when I want too but hey, it's okay, things will eventually get done. I was hanging out clothes this afternoon (and praying that the dog doesn't tear them down again :/) and thinking to myself, I have 3 daughters. It is still hard to believe sometimes that we have 3 kids. The only thing that has really changed, other than the fact that I'm constantly changing diapers and pumping, is it takes just a little longer to get out the door to go somewhere. I haven't figured that part out just yet. It's a good thing it's summer:). We are getting the hang of things........

Monday, June 6, 2011

LIfe Goes On...

We had an extremely busy weekend here at the Magic McCain's. On Saturday morning, we decided on the fly to head to Raleigh to watch our local baseball team play in the state championship. Remember, Brooke was just born:). It took us about a hour and a half to get ready but nonetheless, we headed out the door. Many people looked at us like we were crazy, bringing a week old baby to a ballgame. Then we proceeded to head to our cousin's house for her birthday. We all had a good time but we were tired. And wouldn't you know Saturday night was the first night since she was born, Brooke woke me up in the middle of the night, not vice versa.
She only did once, she's sleeping in 4 hour increments at night and for that, I'm not complaining.
The girls and I went to church yesterday without Daddy. He had a service call. Again, people couldn't believe that I was at church and that I came with all 3 girls by myself. No big deal, life goes on.

Speaking of Brooke, she is now off the bili lights. We went to the pediatrician on Friday. She gained back up to 8lbs., 3ozs., and her total bili had gone down a few points. He felt that she was doing great and didn't need to be on the lights anymore. He also told us to never wake a sleeping baby. I took those words to heart:). Brooke is still having trouble latching on but we are still practicing. She is taking a bottle like a champ and pumping is going fine. Although, I'm starting to feel like a dairy farm around here. At least I have a service man that lives with me....hehehehe!!

We are getting used to being a family of five. Sometimes it gets a little crazy. Once school is over with, things will be even better!! Take for example this morning, Brooke woke up at 6:30am. I got up to pump for her, Mark turned on the TV for Lauren to get up. I get Brooke out of the bassinet, change her diaper, make sure Lauren is awake, find out what she wants to eat, fix it, fix her lunch and snack, Claire wakes up and she wants breakfast. I fix that, then finally I'm able to feed Brooke. Then, I make sure that Lauren is dressed and fix her hair. While all of this is going on, Mark is in the bathroom doing his thing. By the time they left for school, I was already exhausted and then we had to proceed to get ready for Brooke's pictures to be made! They are absolutely precious and I can't wait to see them!!

Life goes on. Now, here's a little peek at Brooke and I on the day of her birth! Precious!

This post may seem a little scattered, it's 3pm in the afternoon and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. Hopefully in a few days I'll have a more coherent post:).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

She's Here!!!!

Hello to everyone, I have an announcement to make....Brooke Averie McCain is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, after a canceled surgery and multiple dates for induction, she made her debut (I was induced) Friday night, May 27, after about 10 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing (and for that I am definitely thankful for:). She weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 inches long. Right smack dab in the middle of her sisters. Lauren was 8lbs., 7 ozs. and Claire 9 lbs even. Brooke is the same length as Lauren was when she was born. What can I say, I grow them big!!

We are doing okay. The first 24 hours were a little rough. Brooke swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid during her "flight" into the world and didn't want to eat. We had a few episodes of her choking and spitting up stuff. The nurses eventually had to suction out her tummy and got rid of all that excess goop.

She has dark hair:) and most likely will have dark eyes:). I'm so excited about that!! Finally a child with my coloring. She is the sweetest thing and I could eat her up!

We came home on Sunday and she has the jaundice. Right this moment she is comfortably tanning in her bassinet, my little glow worm. Hopefully, a few more days of this and we'll be home free.

We are having some issues nursing but I'm going to persevere. She is lazy, she can latch on but doesn't stay that way and then gets mad when my milk doesn't come and then she throws a little fit and then goes to sleep. I've had to start pumping and giving her a bottle but as long as she is getting my milk, I'm fine with that. She can nurse, she just doesn't want to put forth the effort:).

We are adjusting to the new one. Lauren and Claire love their baby sister and I'm so thankful for that. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby and we couldn't be more happy. Our family of four is now a family of five with 3 beautiful, precious girls and the magic has just begun!!!!!