Friday, August 17, 2012

Festivus....and a Virus:(

This is festivus week for Lauren.  Tomorrow is her 8th birthday!!  I can't believe it!!  We finally are able to get rid of one booster seat!!  Festivus started last Friday with a trip to the restaurant with the grapes with Nana, Aunt Allie, Aunt Heather and Cousin Michael.  We all had a good time.  Lauren received a gift card to Justice and we promptly went shopping afterwards to get her some cool clothes. Yesterday, I went and picked up Cousins Hannah and Jocelyn for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and Coldstone Creamery and a sleepover.  Good times!! Today we will be heading to Petsmart to pick out a fish because that is the only thing Lauren has asked for this year for her birthday.  Tomorrow we are having our family party and the theme is "Brave."  We are most excited.

But, for the virus part, poor Brooke.  She woke up early Wednesday morning with a 104 degree temp.  Immediately in the bath we went and ibuprofen was given.  Later on that morning, I called the nurse line and was told it was a virus and just let it run its course.  It definitely is doing that.  Her fever goes up and then comes back down, she acts just fine and then is so clingy.  Last night was horrible.  I worked Wednesday night so I could have Saturday off and only slept for a couple of hours yesterday so I could go and get the cousins.  After our festivities, Brooke had started feeling better and didn't want to go to sleep.  I was dying.  I figured the party girls would keep me up but no, it was the baby.  She finally went down about midnight to only wake up screaming around 2:30 with another high temp.  I put her in the bed with me and needless to say, no one got a good night's rest.  She's acting ok now but I'm sure that that virus will kick start again and the cycle will start all over.  I HATE viruses!!!

Today is weigh in day too.  I lost 1.2lbs this week.  Not as much as the other weeks but I knew that would slow down.  I haven't been able to exercise at all this week and I haven't drank as much water like I know I should've.  I'm ok with it.  I wore some clothes last night that fit me a lot better and I didn't have rolls hanging out.  I made some lowfat foods for me to eat this week but I think I don't need to do that again.  I just eat too much of it.  I need to do better this coming week and step up the exercise.  So far in a month, I've lost 14.4lbs.  I'm pretty happy with that!!

Happy 8th Birthday, Lauren!!!  I love you my sweet girl!!

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